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Lumberjack is a powerful MVC framework for the modern WordPress developer. Write better, more expressive and easier to maintain code.

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Who is Lumberjack for?

Coming from another PHP framework such as Laravel, have experience using Timber with WordPress but want more, or are just getting started with modern WordPress? Then Lumberjack is for you.

Use as little or as much as you need, it's beginner friendly!

Beautiful code. Easy to maintain.

Object orientated and MVC patterns help keep your code structured and DRY.


class IndexController
    public function handle()
        $context = Timber::get_context();
        $context['posts'] = Post::whereStatus('publish')

        return new TimberResponse('index.twig', $context);


{% if posts is not empty %}
    <h4>Recent Articles</h4>
        {% for post in posts %}
            <li class="article">
                <h3>{{ $post->title }}</h3>
                {{ $post->preview }}
                <a href="{{ $post->link }}">Read the full story</a>
        {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

You're in good company.

Lumberjack is the deluxe version of what Modern WordPress should look like today. The team has done a great job of making it easy to build complicated custom applications while taking advantage of the best parts of WordPress.

Jared Novack - Timber creator

I fear the day I have to develop a WordPress site without Lumberjack now! This means that all our web development is using the same standards, and makes the process for on boarding other PHP developers onto our WordPress builds much less of a learning curve.

Chris Sherry - Senior Developer at Createful

I checked out the docs and code. The thing looks pretty freaking sweet. Bringing some great modern practices to the not so modern hell that is WP. Great job!

Steven Wade - Engineer at Follow Up Boss, Founder/Co-Organizer of Upstate PHP and Co-Host of Code Talk Podcast

Lumberjack has reinvigorated my passion for WordPress development by bringing in concepts and features from modern frameworks like Laravel. As a result, the speed and quality of the code I'm writing has improved and I'm actually enjoying WordPress projects again.

Luke Hopkins

Incredible features.

* provided by Timber

Advanced features.

Built on strong foundations.

Standing on the shoulders of giants, Lumberjack proudly builds on the great work of other open source WordPress projects.

Timber Love Bedrock

Built with Lumberjack.

People all around the world are using Lumberjack to help build their sites, see what they've made.

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